All-Sight, also known as Sight/Optic/Visual Adaptation, Panoptism or the Panoptic Effect is the psychic superhuman ability to see in all aspects. One with this ability can access the powers of Precognition and Postcognition to see any moment in history. The user could also access the powers Telescopic Vision, Microscopic/Magnifying Vision, full vision of the color spectrum, Infrared Vision, Night Vision, X-Ray Vision, and have 360° of vision. Superhumans with this power can even see through illusions, see the invisible, project their sight and perhaps project Laser Vision (among other visual aspects). The ability, however, only allows perception in one aspect at a time.

•Note: This ability is only called All-Sight because it allows one to see in all visual aspects (on all bands of the light spectrum); it does not allow the user to see everywhere at one time; the ability to literally see or be everywhere at one time is the ability Omnipresence.

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