Avian Zoopathy
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Vital statistics
Name Avian Zoopathy
Aliases Ornithopathy, Avian Omnilingualism, Avian Communication/Domination
Basics The ability to communication with birds.
Root Ability Zoopathy
Related Abilities Telepathy, Omnilingualism
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Evolved Humans
Natural Possessors: Markus Gaines (Zoopathy)
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Stolen Possessors: {{{stolen possessors:}}}
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Avian Zoopathy, also called Avian Omnilingualism or Avian Communication/Domination or Ornithopathy is the telepathic ability to communicate with, and in certain command birds, from small sparrows and pigeons to ostriches and birds of prey. This is limited to birds.

Further Study Edit

Ability Mechanics Edit

Social Possibilities Edit

Psychological Effects Edit

Potential Edit

Limits Edit

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