Barrier DefianceEdit

Barrier Defiance, also called Forcefield Defiance, Barrier Penetration or Forcefield Penetration is the ability to easily and harmlessly bypass forcefields and barriers. One with this ability could walk through psychically-generated barriers and/or forcefields with little effort and no harm to the user. This ability could even sometimes be used to keep subjects from creating forcefields and barriers, if the user touches the one generating the field. Combined with a mind-invading ability such as Telepathy or Possession , one can even bypass mental barriers and defenses, such as Superhuman Willpower or Perspicuity. This ability can also work on scientifically-generated barriers, of any type of energy, as long as the barrier is not solid (such as a brick wall or the like).

Note: Physical contact with the user can also allow others to bypass the barrier in question, and can even perhaps disrupt generation of said barrier, if the user touches the subject generating it.

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