Chandra Suresh, was born in Chennai and is Mohinder's late father, as well as the author of Activating Evolution, a book which appears to explain the reason so many people with powers are suddenly appearing. He found a means of tracking and locating potential powered people. He was also connected with Sylar, whom he referred to as "Patient Zero". On a taped telephone conversation from shortly before Chandra's death, however, he said he wanted nothing to do with Sylar, and insisted the man stop calling him. Before his death, Chandra kept a male lizard named Mohinder.

According to a dream Mohinder had, Chandra was killed while sitting in the driver's seat of his cab by a man wearing a watch, which was stopped at 11:53, a watch which Sylar is often seen wearing. Eden McCain, Chandra's one-time neighbor, claimed Sylar was his murderer. Sylar later claimed that Chandra became very close to him at one time and shared things he felt Mohinder was too "fragile" to know, including information on his sister.