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Vital statistics
Name Chronopathy
Aliases Chronomancy, Chronometry, Temporal Intuition, Temporal/Time Sense
Basics The ability to determine exact measurements of time.
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Related Abilities Chronokinesis
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Evolved Humans
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Chronopathy is a fine tuned sense into precise time. This psychic ability allows one to determine the exact time an occurrence will take place/has taken place, or how long it took/will take (as long as one has knowledge that it will happen). This can be used to determine when an opponent will strike, how much time one has left until an occurrence takes place, or the exact date, year and time in any time zone. This ability could even be used to discern the age of targets, detect if time has been affected, or tell if someone has traveled through time (and where/when to).

This ability often accompanies Chronokinesis

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