Fruit Physiology sometimes manifests itself as pink, red or other fruit-colored skin, ability to grow fruit from the body which produce one or numerous effects (and/or the fruit can be eaten as food), (sometimes) generation of prehensile vines.

Further Study Edit

Ability Mechanics Edit

Social Possibilities Edit

Of course, the food generated is often edible (in fact, almost always), and can be used to feed subjects as thought it was normal food that came from the ground. And in many cases, numerous fruits can be generated from one user (perhaps blueberries, peaches, grapes, bananas, and the like), instead of, say, just oranges, just apples or the like.

Psychological Effects Edit

Of course, this ability is often accompanied by a heightened awareness of and sympathy toward plant life (one with this power can come to see the importance of plant life to the environment), and conscientious readiness to research the health values (or other uses) of the fruits they produce. This ability often also results in the user becoming vegetarian or vegan (at least primarily), as fruits will be the most easy food for the user to come across.

Potential Edit

Sometimes the user may develop his power so that he can actually consciously manipulate the fruits he produces (instead of the fruits just growing randomly), even though the power will still be restrained within the plant class "fruit"

Limits Edit

This ability may only produce (or mimic the properties and amplified capabilities of) fruits, not vegetables, not grains (no corn or wheat) and not normal plants or fungi.

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