Injury Inducing or Affliction is the ability to inflict painful wounds upon foes by pure force of will. One with this ability could not induce sickness or death (unless the user has suffered death himself; which would be impossible, unless he is capable of Resurrection); they could only induce injuries that have already happened before to them or to the subject they wish to affect (or wounds that the subject or the user may still currently have). One with this ability may also be capable of Pain Transfer to transfer wounds and painful sensation and/or the ability Excruciation to induce or increase pain in foes.

This ability would be useless to someone who has never sustained injury, or to be used for/against someone who was invulnerable to harm. However, if the foe can be hurt, then the wounds will either heal at the normal rate (even if the foe can rapidly regenerate), or they will not heal at all (unless the user relinquishes his power or the wound is healed by one with the power of Biokinetic Healing).