Lumokinesis,Photokinesis,Ormazkinesis is the ability to manipulate and control the element light at will. this can be used to heal someone, create light shapes, and even energy light weapons. in other terms: Definition: Lumokinesis / Umbrakinesis is ability to control create a dimming or a illumining effect .so in limo all you are doing is amass all the photon’s in the area you want illuminated .as for umbra your all repealing the photon but that for kids to visualize, for the adult am going to give you a example: you should see flickering shadows on the wall rising from the flame of the candle. When air is heated, it expands and becomes less dense than the surrounding air. The thinner air causes the light to bend slightly, creating a faint shadow. Any disturbance, such as a baseball traveling through the air, will can=use the air to press together into waves. These air waves are compacted and denser than the surrounding air. The different densities of the air will cause the light passing through to form shadow pictures. This is the true about shadows all you are doing is heating the air and compacting the waves together to form shadows.

With this you could create a light wave blast that can light up places or heal and repair places or even be used as a force. light is a very strong element.

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